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Methodist book’s authors is among millions of Hugh Calkins’ descendants in America

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In “The Mind of Methodism,” Harvey Reeves Calkins (1866-1941), a Methodist minister from Illinois who wrote this book while serving as a missionary in India 1900-1910, discusses the ideals of a Methodism that is represented by worship with liberty in the Spirit, which he contrasts with the rigid Calvinism of the Puritans of earlier generations, and by its flexibility in administration, and its practice as a living witness of the living God.

Although this book’s author surname is identical to mine, one has to go back to the 1700s to find the New England connection. That was before the westward migration of some parts of the Calkins family. It is interesting to note that according to biographical information this Harvey Reeves Calkins pastored a Methodist church in Denver, Colorado, in about 1890. His first wife died there in about 1891, apparently of the consumption which is tuberculosis.

Interestingly, my great-grandfather’s family was living in Colorado at about this time. He was born in Colorado but soon after 1900 the family moved to Oregon or Washington and later California. I am not sure whether they were aware of Harvey’s existence. It is hard to ask people who are no longer with us.