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Bad (from Sir Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis”)

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We are men cast on land, as Ionas was, out of the whale’s belly, when we were as buried in the deep: and now we are on land, we are but between death and life; for we are beyond, both the Old World, and the New; and whether ever we shall see Europe, God only knows. It is a kind of miracle has brought us hither: and it must be little less that shall bring us hence. Therefore in regard of our deliverance past, and our danger present, and to come, let us look up to God, and every man reform his own ways. Besides we are come here amongst a Christian people, full of piety and humanity; let us not bring that confusion of face upon ourselves, as to show our vices, or unworthiness before them. Yet there is more. For they have by commandment, (though in form of courtesy) cloistered us within these walls, for three days: Who knows whether it be not, to take some taste of our manners and conditions? And if they find them bad, to banish us straightaway; if good to give us further time.

Sir Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis, 1626