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Something Like a Gallows

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On looking with spy-glasses, something like a gallows was seen on the low sandy point which forms the entrance to the port, with something suspended from it. This certainly was not there when the schooner left, and whether intended for a mark, or what else, could not be decided, even after she had gained her anchorage. The schooner again at anchor, Lieutenant McIntosh was once more directed to take the largest of the boats, proceed in, and bring out the men, if they had been caught. As the boat neared the low sandy point, it was discovered that what had attraced so much attention on first making the land, was a gallows with a body suspended from it. Again the Lieutenant was received with courtesy, and was informed that the men were all ready to be given up, with the exception of the leader, who was hanging on the gallows on the point. ‘Tell your commander,’ said Lafitte…

A Visit to Lafitte, 1847