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King of England, Henry the Eighth

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The most invincible King of England, Henry the Eighth of that name, a prince adorned with the royal virtues beyoned any other, had recently some differences of no slight import with Charles, the most serene Prince of Castille, and sent me into Flanders as his spokesman to discuss and settle them. I was companion and associate to that incomparable man Cuthbert Tunstall, whom the King has recently created Master of the Rolls, to everyone’s great satisfaction. I will say nothing in praise of this man, not because I fear the judgment of a friend might be questioned, but because his learning and integrity are greater than I can describe and too well-known everywhere to need my commendation—unless I would, according to the proverb, “Light up the sun with a lantern.”

Utopia (Third Edition) (Norton Critical Editions), 1516