Brews (from Sir Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis”)


New Atlantis, by Sir Francis Bacon

We have also particular pools, where we make trials upon fishes, as we have said before of beasts, and birds. We have also places for breed and generation of those kinds of worms, and flies, which are of special use; such as are with you your silkworms, and bees. I will not hold you long with recounting of our brew-houses, bake houses, and kitchens, where are made diverse drinks, breads, and meats, rare, and of special effects. Wines we have of grapes; and drinks of other juice, of fruits, of grains, and of roots; and of mixtures with honey, sugar, manna, and fruits dried, and decocted; also of the tears or woundings of trees; and of the pulp of canes. And these drinks are of several ages, some to the age of last of forty years.

Sir Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis, 1626