‘What an addition to the society of the Dollarchinks and the Potiphars was the gay, the fashionable Tottle Dabchick! at once the envy of each lacteous Doodle, and the cynosure of each speculative mamma. His multifarious graces of mind and person eminently fitted him to adorn and beatify the society of the first of the land. At least, so said his friends — the brilliant Harry Mushroom and the volatile Felix Sophsop, who with an air of beaming patronage, drank his ‘Heidsieck,’ laughed at his jokes, and borrowed his money; and if men of their ton and calibre did not know, who on earth did? In a spirit of disinterestedness quite refreshing to behold, they undertook, like skillful lapidaries, to prepare the diamond that was destined to sparkle in their midst, and how well they succeeded is a matter of history. Under auspices so distingué, our happy little Dabchick fluttered in the sunshine of pure and refined aristocracy, like a giddy butterfly as he was, nor dreamt that cynics and out-heroded rivals were busy shaking their wise heads with ominous presage, and making mental calculations as to the length of time it would take him to reach the end of his tether.

Debut of Tottle Dabchick, 1858

September 2, 2014