Experiments Most Proper

That the third ground be employed in convenient receptacles for all sorts of creatures which the professors shall judge necessary for their more exact search into the nature of animals, and the improvement of their uses to us. That there be likewise built in some place of the College where it may serve most for ornament of the whole, a very high tower for observation of celestial bodies, adorned with all sorts of dials, and such like curiosities; and that there be very deep vaults made underground, for experiments most proper to such places which will be undoubtedly very many. Much might be added, but truly I am afraid this is too much already for the charity or generosity of this Age to extend to; and we do not design this after the model of Solomon’s House in my Lord Bacon (which is a project for experiments that can never be experimented) but propose it within such bounds of experience as have often been exceed by the buildings of private citizens.

Abraham Cowley, Works: Proposition, 1679

September 13, 2014