In the Heaven and Remote Places

We find also diverse means yet unknown to you, of producing light, originally, from various bodies. We procure means of seeing objects afar off; as in the heaven, and remote places: and represent things near as afar off; and things afar off as near; making feigned distances. We have also helps for the sight, far above spectacles and glasses in use. We have also glasses and means, to see small and minute bodies, perfectly and distinctly; as the shapes and colors of small flies and worms, grains and flaws in gems which cannot otherwise be seen, observations in urine and blood not otherwise to be seen. We make artificial rainbows, halos, and circles about light. We represent also all manner of reflections, refractions, and multiplications of visual beams of objects.

Sir Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis, 1626

September 12, 2014