Knowledge is Power

Amid the various subjects which present themselves to the attention of the philosophic inquirer, we know not of anyone more national in its interests, or worthy of minute attention, than that which investigates the theory and practice of public instruction. The assertion that ‘knowledge is power,’ is verified on every page of history, present or past. To the neglect of this great auxiliary in the political condition of mankind, may be ascribed the downfall of the ancient republics. In tracing the history of Greece, as a commonwealth, we lose sight of her general condition in the contemplation of her few great names, and thus draw an unfair inference in reference to her intellectual character. We admit that her annals are enriched by some extraordinary exhibitions of original genius, between the period of Solon and that of her final subjugation by the Romans…..But the mass of her population was immersed in the grossest ignorance, and this circumstance materially hastened her decline.

Education, 1835

September 1, 2014