Pursuing the Excavation

One of these has a gallery, much decayed, at the end of which is a saloon, with a chamber at each extremity. In the center of the saloon is an oratory, nine feet square, with a stone at each entrance, having upon it a bas relief figure of a man in full length. Other curious figures are to be seen on various stones in this room. The stone pavement is smooth, and admirably matched. This being perforated, and a hole made about eighteen inches in diameter, a round earthen vessel was discovered, one foot in size, cemented to another of the same dimension and quality. Pursuing the excavation, a circular stone was met with, which, on removal, presented a circular cavity containing a lance, made of flint, two small pyramids, and the figure of a heart, made of crystallized stone, called by the natives challa. Two other small jars, with covers, were found, containing a ball of vermillion, etc.

American Antiquities, 1837

September 5, 2014