The Handle Company

Mr. Knickerbocker went to South Boardman, and there had a talk with Mr. Edmiston and Mr. Murray about securing the bank for the indebtedness due it from the Michigan Handle Company; that at this time Mr. Knickerbocker knew nothing of the indebtedness of the handle company, except that to the bank, and $400 or $500 outside of that; that at this time an arrangement was made with the handle company, through Mr. Edmiston, that a mortgage should be given to the bank to secure it and the endorsers of the notes; that, when the arrangement was to be carried out, Mr. Knickerbocker was to be notified, and bring his own attorney down there to draw the papers; that this arrangement was not carried out, but he learned a day or two later that the mortgage to Murray as trustee had been executed; that he never accepted the terms of this mortgage.

The Northwestern Reporter, 1898

September 3, 2014